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Baked Earth Dog Snacks

Made with safe, natural ingredients

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You care about what you put in your body, so why not do the same for your furkids?  At Baked Earth we use human grade ingredients in all of our dog treats. We buy from local companies that use sustainable farming methods and from small businesses that care about the products they sell and stand behind the products they produce.


When we say we use natural ingredients in our dog treats, we mean that we use ingredients that don't have any added chemicals, preservatives or hormones.  Our peanut butter has one ingredient; peanuts!  Our pumpkin is purchased fresh, from local farms and baked in our kitchen.  The organic ginger root is purchased from a small farm and is kept frozen until it's grated directly into our ginger and parsley snacks!  All meat products are purchased from a local farm just 10 miles away from our kitchen. It's a farm where animals are allowed to roam free and graze, and where eggs are still washed with care, by hand. The grains we use were grown either here in the United States or in Canada and are processed into flour by a great, employee-owned company.


We're based near Akron, OH, but would be happy to ship our dog snacks anywhere in the continental United States.  Visit our online shop or contact us directly. Whether you call them dog snacks, dog treats, cookies or biscuits, we're certain your dog will agree that they're just simply delicious.

Owner and Chief Baking Officer

Kristy Hitesman